I will be unable to play for a good while :S

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I will be unable to play for a good while :S

Postby Ryan_MacMiller » Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:32 pm

Hello members of REF and staff (<.< easy on that mortar botton issen)

I´m writeing this here today for you all to know that i will be inactive for quite a while as i will be takeing part in a semi big military drill in USA with the danish homeguards, we will be messing with the american national guards of michigan ;) and we wont give them a easy time XD

I will be gone from around 21/7 till around 16/8 just to let you all know :D

have fun and i will be looking forward to be back again for more missions and lightingstrikes from you all know who <.<

- Ryan MacMiller
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